When Where Winner Topic Meatiness Cheesiness FW Stars
21/10/2016 Leaf Andy Rescue dogs medium low
30/09/2016 The Refuge Pauline The Real Junk Food project medium low
15/07/2016 Trof Simon Pokémon high medium
09/06/2016 Federal Cafe Loz Counting Steps medium low
27/05/2016 Wahaca Ed Ed Leaving medium high
13/05/2016 Tarriff & Dale Everyone Pizza Medium High
29/04/2016 Byron Harry Shag, Marry, Kill high high
14/04/2016 Alabama's Eve Cycling High zero
01/04/2016 Koffee Pot sadie An old ladys flat medium low
17/03/2016 Vapiano Loz Roads Low high
04/03/2016 Home Sweet Home Andy Snow high low
19/02/2016 Evelyn's Eve Driving lessons Low Zero
05/02/2016 Common Eve Taps Medium High
22/01/2016 Pho Pauline Ice Cream Sandwiches medium zero